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Entry #4

EDGe0wnz's "Hank"

2010-04-25 14:54:47 by TakedaIesyu

On March 28th, EDGe0wnz produced an awesome picture of Hank from Madness 7. I offered to color it in, as it was black and white. Yesterday morning, I checked my inbox (I don't check it that often) and he said it was a go. So I decided to upload a "progress report", or how far I've gotten so far. Just now, I finished it. Here it is!

EDGe0wnz's "Hank"


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2010-04-25 14:55:26

Good picture.

TakedaIesyu responds:

Thank EDGe0wnz for drawing it, I just gave it color :\


2010-04-25 17:03:32

that's great dude!!!

TakedaIesyu responds:

Really? Thanks!